CytoFlex Flow Cytometer Application Notes

Approximate threshold (dual threshold on both FSC and SSC)

• FSC: 10,800

• SSC: 5200

Tips for Data Acquisition and Analysis

The activated platelet sample was acquired first in order to identify CD62P+ platelets.

A gate was drawn on CD62P+ cells on a CD62P histogram, and the gate was assigned a color.

• This color was used to help locate the platelets on the FSC vs SSC plot, and a tight gate (“platelets”) was drawn around the platelets on this plot.

• The CD62P histogram was gated on the “platelet’ events.

Note: The more numerous events in the upper right corner of the FSC vs SSC plot are the leukocytes that will be excluded by this gating.

• The threshold was set such that debris was eliminated without cutting off any platelets.

A media-only control (PBS only) was also acquired to verify the ideal positioning of the threshold to block any background noise.

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